Posted: 22nd of February 2019

Coding specialist Travtec has upgraded its Conveyor Accessories range to offer increased flexibility and versatility.

The Diverter, Paratran, and Mini-press all now feature a new drive assembly for improved speed and accuracy. An all stainless-steel construction with full IP66 certification allows easier installation and maintenance and enables the equipment to operate in the harshest of factory environments.

The Diverter and Paratran offer two separate solutions for the coding of information onto the base of packs and containers, including bottles, jars and cans.  The Diverter is designed to be mounted onto existing conveyors up to 150mm wide to provide a compact solution where space is at a premium, while the Paratran is installed between existing conveying lines.

Both models can be integrated with either continuous ink jet or laser coding equipment, and both can also be used for inspection operations, using a vision system or barcode scanner.  Adjustment between container sizes takes only seconds, and the synchronised, twin side-belt drives ensure positive container control and guidance.

The Travtec Mini-press provides an automated solution for the pressing of snap-on caps onto tubs, jars and cans, and can be quickly attached to most conveyors typically within one hour. 

The machine replaces the laborious hand press operation and eliminates potential wrist strain and injury from this repetitive action.  It features an integrated hand wind and angular adjustment that compensate for different container heights to enable adjustment between different sizes to be carried out in a matter of seconds. For fast and efficient operation, the Mini-press’s variable speed drive can be easily synchronised with existing conveyors, and its belt drive ensures positive control and guidance, gently pressing on the cap without excessive force.

Travtec’s long-standing knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical sector also means the company can offer a one stop shop for all applications, providing full documentation and validation packages to suit individual customer requirements, from conveyor accessorises through to complex serialisation and aggregation solutions, and complete turnkey installations for any coding and marking requirement.

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